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Downloadable/Online History Books

World History

The Story of Liberty

Historical Reader: Designed for use of Schools and Families

The Enchanted Past: True Stories of the Lands Where Civilization Began by Jeanette Hodgdon 

A History of Art for Beginners and Students by Clara Clement 

The True Story Book by Andrew Lang 



The Story of the Roman People by Eva March Tappan

Famous Men of Rome by John H. Haaren

The Story of Rome  by Mary Macgregor

Stories from Ancient Rome by Alfred J. Church

Roman Life in the Days of Cicero by Alfred J. Church

Pictures from Roman Life and Story by Alfred J. Church

Historical Tales: Romans  by Charles Morris

The Story of the Romans by H.A. Guerber



The Story of the Greeks by H.A. Guerber

The Story of the Greek People  by Eva March Tappan

An Elementary History of Greece  by Thomas Keightley

Three Greek Children  by Alfred J. Church

The Story of Greece  by Mary Macgregor

Stories from Greek History  by Ethelwyn  Lemon

Pictures from Greek Life and Story  by Alfred J. Church

Historical Tales: Greek  by Charles Morris

Famous Men of Greece John H. Haaren


Middle Ages

The Story of the Middle Ages  by Samuel B. Harding

The Story of the Middle Ages: an elementary history for sixth and
seventh grades 
 by Samuel B. Harding

Famous Men of the Middle Ages  by John H. Haaren

An Elementray Manual of Heraldy

When Knights were Bold  by Eva March Tappan

Heroes of the Middle Ages  by Eva March Tappan

Viking Tales by Jenny Hall

When Knights were Bold by Eva Tappan 




The Story of Europe by Henrietta E. Marshall

European Hero Stories  by Eva March Tappan

The Awakening of Europe by M. B. Synge



The Story of England by Samuel B. Harding

An Elementary History of England  by T. F. Tout

Stories from English History I  by Alfred J. Church

Stories from English History II  by Alfred J. Church

Stories from English History III  by Alfred J. Church

Historical Tales: English  by Charles Morris

Our Island Story  by H. E. Marshall

The Tudors and the Stuarts  by M. B. Synge

On the Shores of the Great Sea  by M. B. Synge

The Discovery of the New Worlds  by M. B. Synge

A Short History of England's Literature by Eva Tappan 

A Child's Pictorial History of England by Miss Corner 



Great Britian

Growth of the British Empire  by M. B. Synge

Our Empire Story by H. E. Marshall

Thrilling Deeds of British Airmen  by Eric Wood

The Reign of Queen Victoria  by M. B. Synge



The Story of France  by Mary Macgregor

Stories from French History  by Lena Dalkeith

Historical Tales: French  by Charles Morris

France: Peeps at History  by John Finnemore



The Netherlands  by Mary Macgregor




Spain: History for Young Readers  by Frederick A. Ober

Historical Tales: Spanish American  by Charles Morris

Historical Tales: Spanish  by Charles Morris

Greatest Nations: Spain  by Charles F. Horne

A Child's History of Spain  by John Bonner

A Child's History of Spain by John Bonner 




Scotland's Story  by H. E. Marshall



The Story of Mexico  by Charles Morris

Mexico  by Margaret D. Coxhead




The Story of Japan by R. Van Bergen

Japan: Peeps at History  by John Finnemore

Historical Tales: Japanese and Chinese  by Charles Morris

Child Life in Japan  by William Griffis

A Boy of Old Japan by Robert Van Bergen

Child-life in Japan & Japanese Child-stories by M Ayrton 



The Story of Russia  by Robert Van Bergen

Historical Tales: Russian  by Charles Morris


Ireland: Peeps at History  by Beatrice Home



India by Victor Surridge

India: Peeps at History  by Beatrice Home




A History of Germany  by H. E. Marshall

Historical Tales: German  by Charles Morris



South Africa by Ian D. Colvin



The Story of China  by R. Van Bergen



Canada: Peeps at History  by Beatrice Home

Our American Neighbors: Canada by  




Greatest Nations: Turkey  by Charles Horne


The Hanoverians  by C. J. B. Gaskoin



Fifty Famous Stories Retold  by James Baldwin

Thirty more Famous Stories Retold  by James Baldwin

The Story of Sir Walter Raleigh  by Margaret D. Kelly

The Story of Sir Frances Drake  by Mrs. Oliver Elton

The Story of Nelson  by Edmund Francis Sellar

The Story of Lord Roberts  by Edmund Francis Sellar

The Story of Lord Clive  by John Lang

The Story of Joan of Arc  by John Lang

The Story of Captain Cook  by John Lang

The Story of H.M. Stanley  by Vautier Golding

The Story of General Gordon  by Jeanie Lang

The Story of David Livingstone  by Vautier Golding

The Story of Columbus  by Gladys Imlach

The Story of Abraham Lincoln  Mary Hamilton

The Stories of Great Scientist  by Charles Gibson

Stories of Great Americans for Little Americans  by Edward Eggleston

Romulus  by Jacob Abbott

Richard I  by Jacob Abbott

Richard II  by Jacob Abbott

Richard III  by Jacob Abbott

Queen Elizabeth  by Jacob Abbott

Peter the Great  by Jacob Abbott

Nero  by Jacob Abbott

Mary Queen of Scots  by Jacob Abbott

Julius Caesar  by Jacob Abbott

Historic Girls  by E.S. Brooks

Historic Boys  by E. S. Brooks

Heroes Every Child Should Know  by H. B. Mabie

Great Englishwomen  by M. B. Synge

Great Englishmen  by M. B. Synge

Genghis Khan  by Jacob Abbott

Florence Nightingale  by Laura E. Richards

Alexander the Great  by Jacob Abbott

Alfred the Great  by Jacob Abbott


The Crusades

The Story of the Crusades

Stories from the Crusades  by Janet Harvey Kelman

The Crusaders  by Alfred J. Church



The Story of the Persian War

The Story of the Great War

The Little Book of the War

Heroes of the Indian Mutiny

Heroes of the Great War 

Heroes and Heroic Deed of the Great War

Boys Book of Famous Soliders

Boy's Book of Sea Fights

Boys' Book of Battles

Boys' Book of Indian Warriors

Boys' Book of Border Battles
When Buffalo Ran


American History

The Story of the Pilgrims

Old World Background to American History 

An Elementary History of the United States  

Historical Tales, Vol. 1: American

Historical Tales, Vol. 2: American II

Foundations of American Civilizations

Elementary American History and Government 

Hero Stories form American History

The Men who Found America

Four Great Americans

The Story of American History

This Country of Ours

History Reader for Elementary Schools 

The Making of the American Nation 

A History of the United States for beginners 

Founders of Freedom in American: A Biographical History for the

American History Stories Vol. I

American History Stories Vol. 2

American History Stories Vol. 3

American History Stories Vol. 4

A History of the United States and it's People by Edward Eggleston

Supervised Study in American History by Mabel Simpson 

American History Stories by Mara Chadwick 

Stories of Colonial Children by Mara Chadwick 

Pioneer History Stories of the Mississippi River by Charles McMurry 




Our Home and Personal Duty by Jane Eayre Fryer (3-4th)

Our Town and Civic Duty by Jane Eayre Fryer (4th - 5th)


The Story of the Constitution by Rossiter Johnson 

The Story of the Constitution by Francis Thorpe

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