How to Make Notebook Pages

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First you need to find clip art.  You can use Microsoft Word’s clip art or search the web.  If you plan on sharing your creations, make sure it is not copyrighted.  In other words it has to say you can or it has to be public domain.  If you are unsure assume it is copyrighted. 


Here’s a site I like to use.  You can use up to 50 images for an educational project that you do not charge for and you have to give them credit for the image.


To save clip art to your computer you right click on the image and then click on save picture as.  Then save to a file in your documents.  To insert the image onto the page you’re making click on insert (located at the top of the document, in the tool bar).  Next click on picture and then click on from file.  Highlight the image and then click open.  This will insert the image into your Word document. 


Now you can resize it.  You may also adjust your margins on your page.  Move the image to where you want it.  Do this by using the space button or enter key. 


Ok, now you’re ready to add shapes and lines.  If you look along the bottom of your Word document you’ll see auto shapes.  This is where I get all the shapes for picture boxes and mini-books.  You just click on the shape you want to use.  Then click on where you want it.  You can resize it to any size you want.  If you want to have your clip art inside your shape you need to right click on your shape, go down until you see order.  Then click on send behind text.  This will make it so the image or text shows.  You can add lines or arrows by clicking on the angle line or arrow at the bottom of Word next to auto shapes.  Then you just click and hold it while you put it where you want. 


It took me a little practice to figure out how to get the images and shapes where I wanted them.  Things would move on me.  Usually a simple backspace will fix it.  Once you get it you’ll fly through them.


I use this same method to make my own shape books and lap books.  For the shape books I try to find a coloring page that is mostly just an outline of what I want.  Then I just add lines onto the shape.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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