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Fractions worksheet generator – create worksheets for simplifying, multiplying, and adding fractions.  Answers available.


Create fractions worksheets – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, you can also have common denominators or improper fractions


Reduce to lowest terms


Equivalent Fractions


Mixed numbers to fractions


Fractions to decimals


Fraction Worksheet generator – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, like or unlike denominators, and whole numbers – answer key available


Fraction Worksheet Generator – equivalent, simplifying, and fractions/mixed numbers – answer keys available


Fractions to Decimals worksheet generator


Adding fractions common denominator 2nd – 3rd



Adding fractions common denominator 2nd – 3rd



Adding fractions common denominator 2nd – 3rd



Subtracting fractions common denominator



Subtracting fractions common denominator 2nd – 3rd



Subtracting fractions common denominators 2nd –3rd



Several fractions worksheets – renaming fractions, mixed to improper fractions, fraction to decimal, fraction to percentage, adding fractions, and subtracting fractions, answers available 3rd –5th


Several different fraction exercises 4 levels


Fraction addition worksheet and answers


Fraction subtraction worksheet and answers


Generate fraction worksheets – addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of fractions


Fractions worksheet generator – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, reducing, improper


Least common multiple worksheet generator


Reduce to lowest terms worksheet generator

Baseball and birthdays – reproducible grades 3-8


Duck into action with fractions – reproducible grades 3-5


Fruity fractions – reproducible grades 3-5


Martha Crunch personal fractions trainer – reproducible grades 3-5


Mental Math grades 3-8


Test skills builder grades 3-5


14 addition of fractions worksheets


25 reduce to lowest terms worksheets


25 subtraction of fractions worksheet


Numerous fractions worksheets



Lesson Plans


Fraction hunt lesson plan


Fraction conversion bingo lesson plan


Equivalent fractions game lesson plan


The Cajun chili caper


Eating Fractions lesson plan K-2


Fraction Fun lesson plan K-2


Picture This – lesson plan grades 6-8


Baseball and birthdays – reproducible grades 3-8


Fraction Frenzy 3rd grade lesson plan


Fiddling with fractions 4th grade lesson plan

Fractions easy as pie 4th grade lesson plan


Fractions in action 4th grade lesson plan


What’s math got to do with it 5th grade lesson plan


100 fractions lesson plans various grades


Several lesson plans on fractions


This is a lesson plan on adding and subtracting fractions.


No Matter what shape your fractions are in - there are also other lesson plans on this page.


Fractions in Everyday Life - learn how fractions relate to cooking.


Multiplying Fractions - has interactive explanations and a worksheet to print.




Online Activities


Online flashcards – fraction inequalities


Multiplying and simplifying fractions


Online Fractions worksheet – reducing, multiplying, and addition of fraction   You create the worksheet then the child does it online then when your done you click on get answers.


Fraction practice game


Online tutorial for fractions


Basic arithmetic: operations of fractions – online tutorial


Inverses of fractions (reciprocals) – online tutorial


Equivalence of fractions – online tutorial


Adding fraction finding a common denominators – online tutorial


Online exercise for equivalent fractions


Fraction Rings – online exercise for fraction addition and common denominator


Fractions Man – online game


Addition and subtraction of unlike fractions online activity


Match the fractions to the models – online game


Match the fractions to the decimal equivalents – online game


Find the equivalent fraction model


Match the fractions with the equivalent decimals


Matching fractions and percentages


Pizza party online fractions game


Freshed Baked Fractions online game with 4 different levels


 Old Egyptians math cat fractions


Fraction Frenzy


Soccer Shootout – adding, subtracting, dividing, multiplying, 4 different levels


Saloon Snap matching fractions with decimals and percentages


Mystery Picture very challenging word problem fraction game


Math splat fraction bug game


Match fractions with decimals


Fraction decimal conversion – matching, concentration, and flashcards


Math Hunt – addition/subtraction, decimals & percentages, fractions writing and reducing to lowest terms, multiplication, division, ratio, and proportions


Online fraction exercises – numerous with 2 different levels


Several different online fractions games


Food Fractions journal 3rd grade


Understanding fractions crossword puzzle


Identification of fractions


Adding crossword puzzle


Adding concentration game


Subtracting fractions lesson plan and activities


Subtracting crossword puzzle


Subtracting concentration game


Fractions and mixed numbers 5th grade


Adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers 5th grade


Multiply and divide fractions


Fractions and mixed numbers 6th grade


Add and subtract fractions and mixed fractions 6th grade


Multiply and divide fractions and mixed numbers 6th grade


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