Papers in Progress

Josipa Roksa, David Feldon, and Michelle Maher.  “First-Generation Students in Pursuit of the Ph.D.: Comparing Socialization Experiences and Outcomes to Continuing-Generation Peers.”

Josipa Roksa, Sarah Whitley, Annie Wofford, David Feldon, and Michelle Maher. “Friendly Relations but Limited Opportunities: Experiences of First-Generation and Continuing-Generation Doctoral Students.”

Josipa Roksa, Soojeong Jeong, David Feldon, and Michelle Maher. “Revisiting the “Model Minority” Stereotype: API Students’ Socialization Experiences and Research Productivity.”


Tyson, Will, and Josipa Roksa. 2017. “Importance of Grades and Placement in Math Attainment.Educational Researcher 46: 140-142.

Feldon, David F., James Peugh, Michelle A. Maher, Josipa Roksa, and Colby Tofel-Grehl. 2017. “Time-to-credit Gender Inequities of First-Year Ph.D. Students in the Biological Sciences.”  CBE-Life Sciences Education 16:1-9.

Feldon, David F., Michelle A. Maher, Josipa Roksa, and James Peugh.  2016. “Cumulative Advantage in the Skill Development of STEM Graduate Students: A Mixed Methods Study.”  American Educational Research Journal 53: 132-161.

Tyson, William, and Josipa Roksa. 2016. “How Schools Structure Opportunity: The Role of Curriculum and Placement in Math Attainment.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 44:124-135.