Papers In Progress

Josipa Roksa. “Exchange of Support Between Low-Income Young Adults and Their Families.”

Josipa Roksa and Peter Kinsley. “The Role of Family Support in Facilitating Academic Success of Low-Income Students.”

Josipa Roksa, Denise Deutschlander, and Sarah E. Whitley. “The Role of Parents in Higher Education: Promoting Institutional Commitment of First-Generation and Low-Income Students.”

Josipa Roksa and Blake Silver. “‘Do-It-Yourself’ University: Institutional and Family Support in the Transition Out of College.”

Laura Hamilton, Josipa Roksa, and Kelly Nielsen. “Providing a 'Leg Up": Parental Involvement and Opportunity Hoarding in College.”


Roksa, Josipa, and Denise Deutschlander. 2018. “Applying to College: The Role of Family Resources in Academic Undermatch.” Teachers College Record, 120: TBD.

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