Josh Technology Lesson Plan

This is a lesson plan that I used during a geometry class.  It was a lesson on locating whole numbers on a number line.  There is some great technology to help teach this lesson.  I found a website that has a number line that can be changed to reflect any interval you want.  This way, the teacher can quickly and easily create number line with different intervals.
The benefit to using technology like this is that a teacher can quickly create number lines instead of handwriting them on a board or overhead projector.  This also allows for a number line that has intervals that are spaced exactly evenly and can eliminate human errors. 
A drawback is having to have a computer hooked up to a projector, which some schools might not have the technology for.  Another drawback is having to depend on a website to make the technology work.  If the website was down or being worked on, it would not work to use
Lesson Plan

Subject: Math

Grade: 3

Unit Topic: Geometry


Class Length: 60 minutes

State Standard:

            MA.03.CE.06 Locate whole numbers and common fractions on a number line.

Technology Standard:

          ET.3.C. Evaluate and select information sources and digital tools based on the appropriateness to specific tasks.


Lesson of the Day: Whole numbers on a number line

Objectives: SWBAT identify locate and name points on a number line.


            Overhead Projector

            Graph Paper

            Practice Sheets 11-8 pgs. 44-45


Management Strategies to use: Countdown from 5 (have the kids do this with me), NOT use “shh” (this does not work).

Before the lesson starts: 

Have students take 2 minutes to clear their desks, find a clean sheet of paper and sharpen their pencils.

Since the students have had so much energy and since they have a hard time staying in their seats (and it’s Friday no less), we will do jumping jacks for 1 minute.

Review (5 min): Symmetry, Congruency, 2-d polygons, 3-d figures

Anticipatory Set (5 min):

            Can anyone tell me what time it is?  MATH TIME!

            Introduce our lesson (tell students how it ties in with patterns: if we find the “pattern” of how the number line is arranged, it will help us find the points on the line) by drawing a timeline of Mr. T’s life.  I will help them fill it in and they will get a good visual of what a timeline (and a number line) looks like and how it operates.


“please get out your math notes and follow along with me!”


Content (20 min): Have students take notes on the following as I write on OP

            *Number Line: a line that represents numbers as points

            *A timeline is an example of a number line.



            On the projector, pull up the site  which allows me to use an online number line to easily and quickly make number lines and challenge students to use them and solve for points


*Create (2) number lines: one in intervals of 2 and one in intervals of 5.

            -leave 3 to 4 points open on each number line

            -fill in the number line with students (as they take notes)

-demonstrate that we must find the pattern (intervals) on the number lines in order to figure out where the points will lie

*Make a number line on the board in intervals of 5 (ranging from 0 to 50) with 3 points missing (15, 30, 35) and ask the students to copy into their notes and solve the missing points.  I will walk the class and monitor their work to see how they do with this problem.

**If the students seem to grasp this quickly and easily, I will have the complete another in intervals of 3 (ranging from 20 to 47) with 4 points missing (26, 29, 35, 44).  Once again I will check their work.


“now let’s put away our notes and we are going to make our very own number lines!”


Activities (15 min):

            -Have students create their own number line in intervals or 2 or 5.  They will do this on graph paper, leaving 3 points blank and will exchange with a classmate and solve each other’s line.

            -I will have them create the number lines before they know they will pair up.

            -I will have them pair up only within their tables.


In-class Work (15 min):

            -Students will start working on practice sheets 11-8 pgs 44-45. 



            I will have a final number line on the board and we will solve as a class.