I am a scholar-teacher with demonstrated experience in inspiring my students’ logic of discovery, developing their critical analytical skills, and empowering them to make more informed and reasoned insights about the complex social and political world around them.

Over eight semesters at Ohio State, I taught Introduction to International Politics and upper level Religion and Foreign Policy, Religion and American Politics, Causes of War, and Chinese Foreign Policy courses.

Students’ feedback demonstrates my teaching and pedagogical approach is effective.  They note how my classes sparked deeper interest in national and global politics, empowered them with greater ownership of their learning experience, and prepared them with skills and confidence to be informed, engaged, and empathetic citizens. 

My interest in pedagogy and teaching led to my appointment as the Political Science Graduate Teaching Fellow.  From 2011-2012, I led teaching orientations for first-time teachers, department workshops on active learning, syllabus development, and effective lecturing, and individual teaching consultations. 

Please contact me for a detailed summary of teaching evaluations and sample syllabi.

Courses Taught
Instructor, Department of Political Science, The Ohio State University
PS1300 Introduction to International Politics (August 2014-May 2015)
PS4162 Religion & American Politics (January-May 2014)
PS4597 Religion, War, and Foreign Policy in International Politics (August-December 2013)
PS544 Causes of War (March-June 2012)
PS795 Teaching Political Science Graduate Seminar (January-March 2012)
PS145 Introduction to International Relations (March-June 2011; August-December 2011)
PS597 China and the World (June-August 2011)

Adjunct Instructor, Department of Political Science, SUNY Brockport
PLS338 Global Issues (January-May 2015)

Other Teaching Interests
United States Foreign Policy, Political Analysis, Foreign Policy Public Opinion, Multi-Method Research, State and Society in non-Western States