Joshua Rosaler

My research is motivated by a desire to understand how, and to what extent, successive theories in physics can be seen as converging on a single unified conceptual and mathematical model of physical reality. My work seeks to elucidate a particular type of physical and mathematical correspondence between different theories in physics, whereby one theory frequently encompasses the range of successful applications of another. Recently, I have focused most intensively on the relationship between classical and quantum theories, attempting to understand how the unique difficulties associated with collapse of the quantum state during "measurement" affect efforts to subsume classical behavior into the domain of quantum theory. I completed my doctorate at the University of Oxford under the supervision of David Wallace and Simon Saunders. Before coming to Oxford, I obtained my masters degree from Columbia University under David Albert and Allan Blaer. I completed my bachelors degree in physics, with heavy elective coursework in mathematics, philosophy, and French from Harvard University. As an undergraduate, I served as a computer programmer in the Harvard High Energy Physics Laboratory under Professor Andrew Foland, working on Particle I.D. using dE/dx at the Collider Detector at Fermilab.