A polymath in pursuit of publication

There's more information posted at my old site: JoshuaREnglish.com

My web presence is hard to control, because I dabble in so many things, and I tend to share. Most of what I share is out of date. At least they seem that way to me. You'll see some options in the side bar. Enjoy.

There's not a whole lot to who I am. I write fiction, essays on theology, and political rants. I work for a merchant services provider, I am learning classical guitar, studying the principles of kirigami, watercolor, and plain old sketching. I have a BA in Liberal Arts and a M.Ed. I am married, sing in a church choir, follow the Bobs, and write programs in Python. I read a dozen books at a time,  work on at least a dozen short stories in the same time, and occasionally dip into wood carving.

In other words, I'm just a simple guy with simple pleasures.

There are also one or two other Josh Englishes with some web presence:

I do play guitar, but nowhere near as good as these folks do. As far as I can tell, the three of us are not related.

I created a Google Toolbar search button for the wxPython Wiki. Add it here.

Version: 3.1
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