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Intentional Engineering

Intentional Engineering is a social enterprise formed by a partnership of Chinese, Singaporean, Australian, Indian, Scottish, and American expatriates in the U.A.E. We want to help develop SME's (Small & Medium Enterprises) by building sustainable jobs, homes, and commercial structures in the developing world.*

*I say "we" on this page, but this is my personal idea about what Intentional Engineering is.

What's do we do?

Our focus is eco-friendly (both economically and ecologically:) construction in developing nations that link to the UAE/Dubai hub: India, Kenya, Ghana & more are in the works.

Why Focus on Profitability for the Developing World?  

After two years dealing with NGO's and development agencies, I think that the most effective, most sustainable way to help the developing world is to create socially responsible for-profit corporations. Retained profits provide a buffer against the ravages of donor funding (which often seek assurances that all the money has been spent) and the quest for profit leads to a greater need for efficiency. 

Humanity's greatest productivity happens in the face of necessity. When profit is seen as a necessity, socially responsible enterprises are more likely to be sustainable, to develop human and financial resources for their country and to grow. 

At Intentional Engineering it is a necessity to "reward client and staff alike without detriment to the environment." We will make a profit through good customer service, good social service, and good environmental service.

What shape are we taking? 

Our first thought was to set up a training center in the UAE to train groups from developing countries to start construction businesses in their home countries, help them with financing and take an equity stake in the business, and then help them through their embryonic stages towards profitability. 

Our second thought was to create a "business creation team" to go to a developing country and do the training, construction and start up construction businesses. 

Our third thought is to stop talking about "construction businesses" and talk about "project management businesses" - we'll see how much better that terminology is in people immediately understanding what we're trying to do.

At Intentional Engineering, what's our Intention? 

Our intention is to reduce poverty around the world through the combination of environmentally friendly construction engineering and small and medium enterprise creation.  

Our ideas are constantly evolving, especially at this beginning stage of development, but you are welcome to view the presentation attached below that incorporates our concepts as of the 24th September, 2010.  

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