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Towards A Unified Theory of Evaluation (2015 Faster Forward Fellowship Winner)

From the Faster Forward Foundation, FFfellowship 2015 winners and essays accessed 2016-10-31.

FFfellowship 2015 winners and essays

This year’s award winners were:

1) Samantha Langan for a valuable extension of the work on evaluation anxiety, bringing in a lot of recent work on anxiety in related fields (click here for full version);

2) Sarah Mason for an ingenious and promising effort to apply new models of training to the process of training evaluators, including some models from armed services training that have good empirical support (click here for full version);

3) Josh Penman for a study of a possible unified theory of evaluation, and an argument for the importance of such a thing (click here for [original submission] *NOTE: Scroll down for most recent version).


(Back row, from left to right: Tarek Azzam, Tiffany Berry, Stewart Donaldson, Josh Penman, Sarah Mason, Samantha Langan)
(Front row: Michael Scriven)