CSUN Igneous Petrology and Geochronology

Dr. Joshua J. Schwartz

Petrology Research at CSUN:

Lower crustal arc construction, Fiordland, New Zealand

Tectonic development of the western North American Cordillera (NE Oregon)

Current and Recent NSF-Funded Projects

NSF CAREER: Investigating Controls on Arc Flare-ups and the Growth of Lower Continental Crust

NSF Tectonics: Time scales and dimensions of rheological heterogeneity and fabric evolution in the lower continental crust during extensional orogenic collapse (with Keith Klepeis and Harold Stowell)

NSF Tectonics Investigation of a Late Jurassic paired magmatic belt (Blue Mountains, NE Oregon): Evaluation of magmatic growth during contractional orogeny (with Harold Stowell and Kenneth Johnson)

Geology and Amazon Folklore:

(Brown University Arnold Fellowship 2000-2001)

Geology of Planet Earth (GEOL 101)

Geology Goes Hollywood (GEOL 107)

Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology (GEOL 307)

Advanced Igneous Petrology (GEOL 536)

Analytical Geochemistry (GEOL 553)

Seminar in Arc Dynamics (GEOL 595D)

Current Students:

Meghann Decker (MS, '16)
Samantha Gebauer (MS, '16)
Joseph Sadorski (MS, '15)
Brian Clements (MS, '15)
John Wiesenfeld (MS, '15)
Jonathan Rivas (BS, '14)
Hannah Shamloo (BS, '15)
Angela Linder (BS, '15)
Kyzara Burgh  (BS, '15)

Former Students:

Samir Arous (CSUN BS, '14)
Ray Antoine (CSUN BS, '14)
Tina Zeidan (CSUN BS, '14)
Carolina Zamora (CSUN BS, '13)
Stephanie Holgren (CSUN BS, '13)
Teymur Husenov (CSUN BS, '13)
Mariana Duarte (BS from UFRJ, Brasil, '13)
Stanton Ingram III (UA M.S. '12)
Charles Ryan Jeffcoat (UA M.S. '12)
Bryan Scott Anderson (UA M.S. '12)

Associate Professor
Petrology and Geochronology
California State University Northridge
Department of Geological Sciences
18111 Nordhoff Street
Northridge, CA 91330-8266

Office: Live Oak 1200
Telephone (office): (818) 677-5813
Email: joshua.schwartz@csun.edu

Quite possibly the coolest zircon ever imaged!

CSUN students John Wiesenfeld (BS '13, MS '15) and Stephanie Holgren (BS '13) contemplating granulites in the Cucamonga canyon area

Fur Seals on Cretaceous garnet granulite, Fiordland, New Zealand

Field consultations on the Tasman sea with Carol Zamora (CSUN BS '13) and Sarah Bailey (UA BS '13).