stories - some real, some fiction

The Drowning of Adolf Bliss (excerpt)
"This is roughly the point we find Mr. Bliss.  Almost a rag-doll caught in the surf.  Tossed pell-mell, but not quite a lost soul: a quite discombobulated and otherwise incapable of motion, but not a lost."  This tale includes the audio of the story, read by Josh Hinck.

Fear Dawned as Night Fell
"I mistakenly acquiesced to his suggestion that he escort me back to my hotel. I thought that surely there is strength in numbers and that obviously two in a fight is better than one. But what I have yet to mention is that this guy was also lame. I mean really he was lame. His left leg was not very useful, he could stand and pseudo-walk, but his walking speed was at such a fraction of the pace that I needed, to return to my hotel room promptly."

Into this Lone Man 
This is a fiction story about a man that placed too much faith in his own desires and how he reaped that sown foolishness.  This tale includes the audio of the story, read by Josh Hinck.

Southwest to the City of Sin, Onwards Through the Valley of Death
"The goal was Vegas in 24 hours.  To hit up the city in our style.  Then make it to San Francisco within two days after that to meet up with six or so other friends at the airport.  A small miracle really.  Or some crazed concept considered a great idea.  Whatever it was, I jumped at the chance."

When I Got my Ass Kicked in Kyrgyzstan 
This is about my (mis) adventure while visiting my friends Joe and Caroline McDonald while they were working in the Peace Corps in Kyrgyzstan.  I have tried to recollect the story as accurately as possible, it happened in August of 2004.