Poetry/Lyrics - The poems and song lyrics of Josh Hinck

i-outlaw - This is the poetry channel that is currently comprised of 3 different shows. "Life and Death in Dark Noir" is a dark noir detective tale spun through the web via poetry and prose.               "i-outlaw" is a poetry show done with Bob Marcacci as host and poetry hunter and myself as producer and musical mayhem maker.  "From the Vault of Antiquity" is a show hosted and translated by Joe McDonald where he takes ancient Greek prose, reading it in the original, then gives his modern English rendition.

poetic soundscapes - poetry and spoken word set to music and sound download these mp3s

After Five Years

This poetic soundscape was created from some audio that was used for the poetry show i-outlaw episode 2.4 featuring Catherine Daly. The poet is Linda Benninghoff and the music is done by euphoreador.


Some of this piece was used for The Countdown episode 18 on Miporadio. It pertains to non-understanding as we try to grasp meaning while expressing ourselves.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Done in late April 2006 while still living in Beijing. Spoken word is done by Bob Marcacci music by junKbox. A piece that approaches the reality of commitments and promises.  This song was eventually used on the euphoreador album "lack".


Originally used for The Countdown episode 15 on Miporadio. It was the first episode that Josh Hinck actually was brought in to help on the show. Only some of this piece was used however. The poetry is read by the computer and the words were gathered from various 'hate' websites. Josh Hinck reworked the words and added some new ones here and there to create the over-all continuity. The background samples are from two different oldwest movies. The music is done by Matt Cooper.

Into This Lone man

Done as a birthday gift for Joe McDonald’s 30th birthday on September 28th, 2006. Music by Matt Cooper and spoken word by junKbox. The story is of an over zealous man that allowed his alienation to get the best of him and bring the earth to its destruction.

fear wandering helpless

Originally done for a junKbox performance on October, Friday the 13th, 2006 in Montreal it was then reworked and edited down for use in the miporadio.net program called The Countdown episode 16 which is hosted by Bob Marcacci and produced by Didi Menendez. It features Sarah Gagnon-Turcotte, Bob Marrcacci, Joe McDonald and junKbox all doing spoken word with junKbox also singing. Music by junKbox.  This song was eventually used on the euphoreador album "lack".

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JunKbox has been interested in and doing poetry since a young age.  He was a founding member of The Subterranean Poets and still works on projects with Bob Marcacci.  Look for their new show that is in the works.  He has also been occasionally doing poetic/soundscapes with the former members of confession of faith (Matt Cooper and Joe McDonald).