where you can either see me, hear me, or somehow partake in my art 

June 15, 2007- Montreal - I am performing at The Assembly 2.0 my composition for a short theatrical skit.  This is done for Indyish at the Montreal Fringe Festival. 

June 9, 2007 - Montreal - I am performing at the Montreal Fringe Festival, along with doing my music, I am also collaborating with many others to bring you a poeticly humorous theatrical display full of storytelling that will take you from a wedding to funeral and back again. 

March 10, 2007 The Assembly performance - Montreal- I performed my vocal part for this collaborative video show for my new song 'Demand of Thyself'.  Video of my performance. Photos of the show.


October 10-14, 2006 3rd Annual Zebra Poetry Film Festival - Berlin -   This will be a screening of our poemovie The Rape of Beauty

October 13th, 2006 Diary of a Lost Circus - Montreal - junKbox will be performing a new piece entitled fear wandering helpless as part of the of the cabaret event.

May 5th, 2006 Broken Not Broken - Beijing - A performance of poetry, short skits and music.    Photos

late spring 2003 Rogue Buddha Gallery - Minneapolis - This was a poetry performance.  Video  

1992-2001 Various live Confession of Faith music performances - Minneapolis   Video