these are artist friends' websites and collaborators for you to peruse as well as sites of interest to me

Last Exit For the Lost - An excellent radio show that has always been supportive of Confession of Faith and euphoreador with live streaming and archived episodes

Bob Marcacci - Lord of Misrule of Beijing International Open Mic, poet,                      conspirator/collaborator

Sodesper8 - Music site, member of confession of faith Matt Cooper

PDX Design - Matt and Charlotte Cooper's funky T-Shirt site 

Subterannean Poets - Group of performance poets that formed in Beijing,                                the site includes audio and pictures 

MipoRadio - Poetry podcasts that used to feature The Countdown Show

Beijing Actors Workshop - Always a fun environment to work and be                                     creative they also give performances 

Indyish - An artist collective and blog posting site that I work with

Arroyo Studio - Where Andrew Fricek, who worked with euphoreador, and                         his brother run an etching business

Maladroit Harlequin - Sarah Gagnon-Turcotte and junKbox website