these are the two blogs that I am currently writing 

nether regions of the mind - this is my personal blog; my stories, my poems: thoughts about art, politics, musings, rantings, history, books


     Bigotry Alive and Well in the Home of the Brave

     Fear Dawned as Night Fell

     Southwest to the City of Sin : Onwards Through the Valley of Death

     The Drowning of Adolf Bliss (excerpt)

     When I Got My Ass Kicked in Kyrgyzstan

     Why do We care More About Shopping than the People We Are Buying For  

     Bank of America is 'Ahole' in 'One'

     How Much does Our Leadership Cost

     The Birth of My Blog


my Indyish blog - this is an artistic website whom I write and help organize shows for, as well as aid in the building of community, come and join, or check out my posts below

    Get Ready to Collide with The Subcollisions

    The Question of Money Has Been Raised - Monthly Mess Transparency

    You're Not in Kansas Anymore... But in Homonumos Magazine part.2

    You're Not in Kansas Anymore... But in Homonumos Magazine part.1

    The Beijing Actors Workshop Sets the Standards Between Work and 'Play'

    Will We Find a Way to Remain Clean, With the Dawning of the 'Monthly Mess' at Hand

    Episode 21 of The Countdown is Out For Your Poetry Intake

    Denitia Odigie Isn't Satisfied, Or Is She?

    Diggin Into the Dirty earth to Expose the 'Roots' of Nathan Miller

    A Hot Cup of Arts Crossing and Marshmellows

    euphoreador Keeps the Visuals Moving Fast With the 'Slowdown to a Crawl' Video

    junKbox Takes the Reigns and Adds Numbers to 'The Countdown'

    Erik Virtanen Escorts the 'Darling' to The Darling DeMaes

    Jenny Dalton Will Tickle the Ivory Key(s) to Your Heart 

    Before I Realized I Was Lost, I was Found by Raccoons-NARF Interviewed    

    Animation Isn't Just for Computer Geeks

    Hither and Yawn 'til the Cows Come Home-Meet Josh Hinck