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march 9, 2011 Check out this new humorous animation I made with goanimate
called Office Pain. Office Pain. by joshhinck

Like it? Create your own at It's free and fun!

This animation is a humorous take on an affair that has taken place between Collin's wife Lilian and a fellow office colleague named Darrel.  

february 11, 2011 Four new songs for issue 12 of the online art and literature magazine 
3 songs with the poet Sheila E. Murphy reading
1 song for the poetry of Martina L. Stamatakis

october 26, 2010 The dance and video performance I helped create with 
Risa Cohen's Precipice Dance Theater for the art party 360:A Revolutionary Dance Party held at Theater de la Jeune Lune called

Burning - Precipice Dance Theater

The 2002 performance for Risa Cohen's Precipice Dance Theater at the Theater de la Jeune Lune for the art/performance party 360 : A Revolutionary Dance Party brings together the aerial artistry and sensual motion of acclaimed dancer and choreographer, Risa Cohen, and the video and partial original music of artist and musician, Josh Hinck, into a powerful lyric narrative dance performance of overcoming one's inner demons to flicker through the "Burning" as a phoenix rising to new heights of self awareness and intimacy.  Choreography & Direction - Risa Cohen, Josh Hinck; Performers - Risa Cohen, Bill Gladen, Heather Prazich, John Morris; Original Music & Video - Josh Hinck; Set design - Ron Holevas, Josh Hinck

october 25, 2010 The movie Living While Falling is complete!  I created a good portion of the film score!  Check it out!

Living While Falling from Ian Hinck on Vimeo.

Living While Falling is a 60 minute narrative film about a young man who begins to see other possibilities, other paths of fate, as though they are right before his eyes. Some of these visions are as harmless as a change in hairstyle or wardrobe, but some may change the course of his life forever. Does everything rely on random chance, or does he still have the ability to make choices when he can not be sure what is happening in the world around him?  Josh Hinck scored about half of the film.

august 26, 2010 New blog post 

february 14, 2010 New video 'What Are You Looking For' which is track 7 from the december 31st euphoreador entitled 'adrift'.

'What Are You Looking For' is track 7 from the euphoreador late 2009 release called 'adrift'. When idealizing love this can lead to many problems such as madness and severe misconceptions that don't exist in the real world but only in the idyllic. Also when fantasizing on past experiences one can be led down a round of escalating depression. However when we face the truth about love it may be painful at points but also the most redeeming aspect to existence. (A special thanks to Jovonn Mercier for the use of her great photos!!)

january 23, 2010 New way to support my art; download high quality songs and albums and pay what you want!  From nothing to something!

     december 31, 2009   the new album by euphoreador is complete 
the 2009 euphoreador album

here for the subversion to ensue

The lyrics to "adrift"

       november 11, 2009
New poetry show for i-outlaw called
"Life and Death in Dark Noir"

"life and death in dark noir" is the late fall 2009 new i-outlaw poetry show. This show is a dark noir detective tale that is presented using poetry, prose, a myriad of voices, sound effects and music. See how far you are willing to fall through the minds of dark streets, booze, sex and poetry.
This is "life and death in dark noir".

Visit the i-outlaw site for all 3 different shows and all episodes.

march 7, 2009 New video for Give In from the euphoreador album ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

Give In

february 27, 2009 New video for clear the air from the euphoreador album ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

clear the air

february 21, 2009 New video for slum lord from the euphoreador album ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

slum lord

february 14, 2009 New video for Kingdom of Wanton Shit from the euphoreador album ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

Kingdom of Wanton Shit

january 28, 2009 7 new old-school Confession of Faith live performance videos including the unreleased song "Cold"

november 20, 2008 A remix of the euphoreador song "Give In" from the album ChineSeXXX American Idolatry has been mixed by DJ Davey Jones free stream/download here

november 9, 2008 Four Confession of Faith eps now available for free streaming and download

1996 COF release i am god's chosen

stream for free and download


1995 COF release Do You Love Pain

stream for free and download


1993 COF releaseThe Sacrament

stream for free and download


1992 COF release As I Hung

stream for free and download


november 6, 2008 the lyrics for the

Confession of Faith fall 1999 release Still Born

the lyrics for the

Confession of Faith spring 1999 release

Children of a Dying Sun

october 23, 2008 New video for

Never Even Started with avec le femme

from the album ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

september 10, 2008 New shirt shop come support and clothe your nakedness

august 30, 2008 ChineSeXXX American Idolatry Lyrics

august 29, 2008 the release of the September 2008 euphoreador album

ChineSeXXX American Idolatry

 ChineSeXXX American Idolatry
is a journey that touches on a multiplicity of subjects pertaining to modern civilizations and cultures as witnessed first hand while Josh Hinck lived in Beijing and Montreal, completing the album after moving back to Minneapolis. This album has a heavy emphasis on the lyrics and many of the songs are poetic tales of love, sex, unrequited love, prostitution, drugs, religion, modern living, consumerism and a myriad of other concepts.
To download ChineSeXXX American Idolatry for free
go here

updated the support my art page

august 15, 2008 two new tales online

Fear Dawned as Night Fell

Southwest to the City of Sin : Onwards Through the Valley of Death

january 10, 2008 episode 3 of the poetry translation show

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