Josh Needs a Van: Fund Raiser for a Wheelchair Accessible Van

Welcome to our page.  This site is dedicated to raising funds for my friend, Josh Kortleve, who is in need of a new van.
Allow me to introduce you to Josh, and tell you about his need, and why so many of his friends are donating their time and efforts into making this dream a reality.

Josh Kortleve is 26 years old, and has Muscular Dystrophy; A disease that attacks his bodies muscular activity.  As a result, Josh lives his life in a wheelchair, and his movements are currently limited to wrist and hand, and facial movements.  As you can imagine, this makes getting around a very difficult thing, and makes an accessible van a necessity for him to live his life, and get around his community.  The van that he currently has is 14 years old, and has become far too costly to repair, and unsafe/uncomfortable for him to ride in.  It jostles around, causing Josh pain and soreness after an outing, and is unsafe enough to make venturing out in the winter time an impossibility.

Josh has been very active within his community, volunteering his time for various community functions, including working with youth through his church, coaching a baseball team for young adults, organizing and running a city-wide volleyball league, and being involved in various other church functions.  His family lives an hours drive away, so traveling is a necessity to visit friends and family with regularity.

There are various events in the works to help to raise this money: A spaghetti dinner, and silent auction, a party and concert, a battle of the bands type event, and a volleyball tournament locally, are all in the works to help to raise as much of the cost of a new van as is possible.  Details on all of these events will be posted here when available.

In addition to these events, we are looking for people to make cash and actionable item donations.  Please feel no obligation to give, but know that your gift is very much appreciated, and will go to good use within the community.  Please forward this page on to those who you think would be willing and able to help, especially businesses that would be willing to donate items for auction.

If you are interested in helping out with the raising of these funds, if you'd like to make a donation, or simply are looking for more information, please reference the "How to Make a Contribution" page for further detail.  For those with a paypal account, look no further:

Thank you for your time and consideration.  Please check back for updates on events, and progress, as we make our way to this important goal!
Please send any questions or comments to

Dale Hamill.

Faith Falcons: 2007 Edition.

Josh with his newborn niece.

Blue Jays - Home opener.

Sisters (Levana) wedding day.