I am a postdoctoral researcher at Queen's University (Queen's Eye Movement LaboratoryCentre for Neuroscience Studies). The main focus of my research is to understand how we interact with the sensory world in various everyday activities (e.g., searching for objects, navigating the environment, reading comprehension) through the study of eye movements and pupil size.
  • How the external (e.g., sensory) and internal (e.g., cognitive) processes modulate saccadic and pupillary responses in a wide-range of cognitive tasks (e.g., reading, attention, oculomotor tasks) 
  • Investigating pupil size and its neural implementation


Email: josh.wang - at - queensu.ca

Telephone: 613-533-6000 ext 78850

Mailing Address: 
Centre for Neuroscience Studies, Queen's University
Botterell Hall, Kingston, Ontario, K7L 3N6 CANADA