PhD Student

University of Denver, Department of Geography and the Environment

Boettcher West | 2050 E. Iliff Ave. | Denver, CO 80208


My research interest falls broadly within the areas of human-environment interactions, geography, 

and ecology.  Past research spanned the fields of land change science, conservation planning, and landscape ecology. My Masters thesis investigated the pattern and trajectory of landscape changes in and around New Mexico’s Gila National Forest - an area I termed the "Greater Gila Ecosystem".  Recent theoretical work involves the viability of a political ecology of the "New West".

My current PhD research at the University of Denver's Department of Geography and the Environment applies the ecosystem services framework to urban green space.  Marshaling GIS, remote sensing, field sampling and interviewing techniques I am taking a close look at how ecosystem services are inequitably distributed in urban areas.  My favorite thing about geography is its disciplinary flexibility, which creates space for multiple methods and techniques of analysis.  Firing up a GIS and loading social data alongside environmental data is the best part about being a geographer.

Research Interests
Human dimensions of environmental change

Conservation and natural resource management

Ecosystem services

Social-ecological systems

Landscape change around protected areas

Urban and landscape ecology 

Cultural geography 

GIS and remote sensing