Paper Models

by Josh Buczynski 

 Beethro Budkin

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The hero of DROD (Deadly Rooms of Death), a fantastic puzzle/adventure game by Caravel Games. Beethro ventures into dangerous locations to smite hundreds of creatures... sometimes hundreds just in one room, though usually he'll stumble across some nearly impossible situation, solvable only through the fantastic manipulation of elements in the room. 

    - this model was made between February and April of 2006.


Wigu is the main character in the comic series, WIGU by Jeffrey Rowland. Wigu is a young boy with problems, usually caused by the rest of his family.

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Topato is a super hero from the Butter Dimension.

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Sheriff Pony is Topato's partner. The mouth in the photo differs from the final PDF design - don't be fooled!

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Paisley is Wigu's nihilist sister.  

    - these models were created between May and July of 2005. 


 Download Rotty Tops PDF  (Instructions here)

Download Shantae PDF (Instructions here) 

Download Risky Boots PDF (Instructions here) 

One of my most favorite games is an action/platforming/adventure game for the Gameboy Color - Shantae by Matt Bozon and Wayforward. It's a mix of all of my favorite 8-bit Nintendo games in gameplay, and has a lushly-animated graphical style. The three characters above are, from left to right:

Rotty Tops - a somewhat helpful zombie character.

Shantae - the heroine, half-genie girl - capable of transforming by dancing.

Risky Boots - a pirate with plans to rule the seas... and any bit of land adjacent.

    - These are my first paper model designs, which I made available back in June 2004.