Teachers' views, opinions and

attitudes regarding education

Survey taken in the summer of 2006 regarding the teaching profession

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A word from from Jose A. Romo:

This is a survey conducted during the summer 2006 among teachers from the Los Angeles South Bay Area.  The accuracy and relevance of this study serves the purpose of informing people.  It  does reflect  the situation teachers are facing each and everyday.  The issue of education is a rich, complex one; it  is not a simlple black and white scenario.  There are many aspects regarding a proper and meaningful education.  Students should be the main concern, but for better or worse,  there are many other individuals involved who affect the process of education.  Besides the needed resources, parents, administrators, custodians. . . in brief,  community members, all are essential  one form or another in the education of a child.  Teachers are indeed the key elements in this.  Teaching takes more than giving a lesson and grading papers.  How teachers feel is essential and this report is but the tip of the iceberg.  As long as we keep an open mind, and are willing to make an extra effort to better ourselves, we all will benefit.   

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