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Pablo Neruda Lesson Plan: Neruda Lesson Plan

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The few, the  literate, the daring  A.P. Spanish Literature students.



Posing for the picture takes attitude, determination and good looks.


This page is dedicated to those people who want to learn more about Spanish Literature.   There is information about  literature, and things related to Jose Antonio Romo: his biography, teaching principles and ativities, as well as issues related to education and information about events regarding Leuzinger High School.   New sections are being developed, such as  an essay about my autobiography  and previous reports on Spanish Literature authors and their work.


This webpage is still in its infancy and suggestions or comments  are welcome to allow for improvements.  Please send an e-mail to Jose Antonio Romo at and you will receive my outmost personal attention. 






Getting ready for the group picture, spring 2005






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