"May you live in interesting times." This is an ancient Chinese saying, I was told. I felt ashamed of not knowing it until I realized that none of my countrymen did. Nonetheless, I find it a telling summary of the time when I came of age--an interesting time of a rising China, of prosperity and confusion. My confusion is my major in college. I majored in international economy and trade, because I was overwhelmed by the powers carried by the three words. International. Economy. Trade. If you have economy and trade figured out, and if you are international, what is left to conquer? If only somebody had told me that all we would learn was how to fill in exporting paperwork.

I learned to sell things abroad, but I couldn't make it a career. I gained far more gratification in politics and grew into a political junkie. I came to the US to further my passion in politics, only to find that political junkies and political scientists are two species. I de-opinionated myself, learned R, and read more academic papers and less newspapers. I evolved.

I, my wife, daughter, and son live in El Paso, TX. We love the city of diversity, the Mexican food, and the sun.