Senior Game Designer

Note: This online version of my resume is currently out of date. Please email me for the most current version.
  • Over 20 years of industry experience on numerous platforms and multiple genres
  • Shipping credit on numerous million-unit selling and award winning PC and console titles
  • Experienced Supervisor, proven leader, and product evangelist
  • An avid gamer, team player, and fast learner with excellent communication & coordination skills
  • Forward problem solving with a focused attention to detail and strong aesthetic eye

 Jet Set Games
Las Vegas, NV
 2009 - 2012
 Creative Director 
  • Lead Designer and Writer for Highborn, a hilarious, turn-based strategy game for the iPhone/iPad/Android/Chrome. 
  • Owning and maintaining the creative vision of the game
  • Managing the design team
  • Creating and overseeing the writing of design documents
  • Map / Level design, creation and balance
  • Dialog and Story writing
  • Interface design
  • 2D Art for Front End, Art, Tokens, Spell Icons and Interface
 Interzone Games
 Perth, WA
 2008 - 2009
 Creative Director  
  • Creating, owning, and maintaining the vision for all games created and ensuring the team understands, buys into, is committed to and driving toward fulfilling that vision
  • Directing the Design & Art teams, ensuring that they create fun, high quality, good looking and interesting content
  • Interfacing between the Design, Art, Programming and Production teams
  • Long term planning and prioritization
  • Coordinating with teams in the United States, China, and Brazil
 Lead Designer  
  • Lead Designer of Interzone Futebol, a PC, MMO soccer game
  • Managing the design team
  • Creating and overseeing the writing of design documents
  • Interfacing between Design, Programming, Art, and Production teams
     Auran Games
    Brisbane, QLD
     2004 - 2008
      Lead Content Designer
    • Lead Content Designer of FURY, a PC, Player vs. Player, MMO-style, arena combat game
    • Managing all designers on the Content Design team
    • Writing specifications and maintaining ultimate ownership of all design areas that fall under the scope of Content Design: Levels, Prose, Interface, Controls, Social, etc.
    • Plotting overall game creation path with the Creative Director, Lead Systems Designer and Development Producer
    • Design of Customer Service abilities, tools and policies
    • Interface design including detailed concept art and oversight of art creation and implementation
     Sony Online Entertainment
    San Diego, CA
     2003 - 2004
     Star Wars Galaxies Customer Service Representative
    • Priority access team, handling in game stuck and harassment issues tickets
    • Working with players in and out of game to solve their customer service issues
    • Investigating bugs and system flaws
    • Knowledge Base Administrator, auditing the knowledge base solutions and entering new issues
      Westwood Studios (Electronic Arts)
      Las Vegas, NV
       1988 - 2003
       Game Designer / Senior Artist
      • Involved in the creation of nearly every title developed by Westwood over 14 years
      • Heavily involved in the designing of games including level building, scripting, game systems, puzzles, interface, story and play balancing
      • Vast experience on multiple platforms including converting many PC games to console systems
      • Supervising many production teams, assigning tasks, approving work, managing the pipeline and interfacing between the art and design teams
      • Design of in-house tools, systems and implementation methods
       Unicorn Software
      Las Vegas, NV
       1985 - 1988
       Game Designer / Artist / Teacher
      • Designed educational children’s software to be both fun and educational
      • Sole artist on most titles
      • After school tutoring of reading, math and computer programming

       University of Nevada Las Vegas
      Las Vegas, NV
       1986 - 1988
        Computer Science major

       Clark County Community College
      Las Vegas, NV
       1995 - 1998
        Photography and Creative Writing

      • Charter member of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences
      • Member of the International Game Developer Association
      • Judge for the Australian literary Aurealis Awards
      • Former performer with GOOF, Grand Order of Fools, an improvisational stand up comedy group
      • Long history of involvement with role-playing games: table top, on-line and live action
      • Member of the EverQuest volunteer customer service guide program from May of 2000 to July of 2004. Responsible for first response to customer service issues and helped run live events
      • Ran a very large, non-profit, Live Action Role-Playing group for 2  years

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