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This Page, and all connected pages are constantly under construction, so do not be surprised if you check back and there are several changes

I am an abstract artist, and an abstract writer. 

My work shows my inner feelings and I do not think I would be considered pompous or pretentious. I simply take brush and pen in hand and let my eyes and mind do the rest. 

In addition to Painting and Writing, also have a video blog on YouTube which will be about all that interests me, I am looking for sponsorship and there may be some "advertising" but I am not going to make all that I do about marketing; I am solely interested in making people think and enjoy life with all that it has to offer. 

I will begin by letting you know that I do not consider myself to be "normal" I am a bit out there, as well as a bit advent-guard in my conceptualization, and in my practices.

I hope that you can appreciate what I am doing as well as what I have to offer, I will present to you honest art, honest prose and I will present others who share my vision. 

I feel that I am very eclectic in my thoughts, as well as all aspects of my life and here, in these pages you may find out about me, my life, my passions...everything.  

I seek to inspire you and maybe show you a side of the arts that you may not have seen before.

I dedicate my literary inspirations to my wife Yekaterina, without whom my life would be less than what is, full of love and tenderness.

My wife's Blog of Literature and Intellectual Pursuits :

A Stitching Time