• Future Research:

        This is yet to be officially decided, but when I head off to UC Irvine for Graduate school in the Fall I hope to be doing the types of research stated in my research interests comments on the frontpage.

  • Current Research:

    • Primordial Minihalos and Pop III Star Formation

          The first stars (Pop III Stars) in the universe were vary massive and copious emitters of UV radiation. Their dominant cooling channels were those governed by molecular hydrogen.  Because of the types of radiation they emitted, they effected the molecular hydrogen production in nearby stars and hence their cooling channels.  In this research I want to better understand the effects of Pop III stars on neighboring star formation.

    • Black Strings

          Black Strings are higher dimensional black holes.  They have been shown to be unstable to linear perturbations.  I want to see if one can gravitationally collapse, and if so determine the end state of such black strings.