• Member of The Theoretical Physics Group at BYU

    I have been a member of the Theoretical Physics Group at BYU since 2001.

  • Founder And Co-auther or The Eternal Universe Blog

    I decided to give blogging a try in November of 2006. So far I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. I named the blog The Eternal Universe since my favorite Cosmological models involve eternal inflation. Furthermore, I have enjoyed the co-bloggers and their posts. It makes the whole experience fun to have multiple people involved.

  • Supporter Of Open Source Software

    I began using Linux summer 2005 since some of my research involved using supercomputers which virtually all run off some Linux/Unix variant. I started with Ubuntu which I still use as my primary OS. I maintain a few Linux packages for Debian: texmaker and gmail-notify. I also spend some of my free time as a beta tester for Ubuntu, as a member of the Ubuntu-Utah team and spend time occasionally on the Ubuntu Forums either asking questions or answering other's questions. 

        I highly recommend Ubuntu for all those who would like to test and see if Linux is for them. I think most will be surprised how usable it is for them. It's not perfect, but gets better every day and I really believe within the next few years open source software such as Linux will be able to rival proprietary software such as Windows and Mac OS X in all areas. Frequently visit the Ubuntu Forums to ask any questions you may have.