Who I Am

I am a native Californian that has traveled all across this land gaining experience in many different elements of the digital domain including programming, web development, graphic design, desktop support and network administration.

While I have have had a lifelong passion for computers and the many ways that they are changing the world, I am also an excellent communicator with an appreciation for the big picture. Because of this I have the ability to have meaningful relationships and discussions with colleagues and clients. I pride myself in my ability to communicate technical information to a non-technical audience.

I also have a strong academic background in engineering and development that gives me the foundation needed to approach a wide range of projects with professionalism and an eye on the many aspects of success. In 2010 I earned my Master of Science degree in Environmental Systems. I specialized in International Development Technology. This work taught me how to analyze projects of all sizes and consider both the systematic and the humanitarian components of projects big and small.

What I Do

My professional experience really began as a System Operator for Boston University. Since then I have been a Desktop Publisher for The Monitor Group, Digital Media Manger for Redwood Adventures and IT Administrator for dozens of companies primarily for On Time Tech.

My masters thesis and project were based on developing an online interactive accessible route map for people with physical disabilities. I created a Flash-based map that shows the best accessible path between any two buildings on campus, including turn-by-turn information.

For my GIS certificate I took Advanced Raster Analysis, Remote Sensing for GeoIntelligence Professionals, Database Design and Java Programming. I have also learned ASP Windows Communication Foundation, .NET 4 and C#.

I can employ numerous popular digital tools and Web-based applications to ensure the rapid deployment and success of your map or web project. Tools I have used professionally include Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Sketchup, social networking (including promotion and advertizing through Google or Facebook), Adobe Creative Suite 2-4 (Including Dreamweaver and ActionScript 2 and 3), Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and Extensible Markup Lanuage (XML). 

Traditional tools I have developed professionally include Flyers, Posters, Newspaper and Magazine Ads, DVDs, and Powerpoint Presentations for meetings and road shows. 

You will find many examples of my work throughout this website. Thank you for checking out my work, and contact me with any thoughts or ideas! I look forward to hearing from you!

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