Joseph Kaswengi is an Associate Professor at University of Orléans and member of VALLOREM Lab (University of Orléans and University of Tours). He obtained his Ph.D. and Acrreditation to Supervise Research ̶ Management of PhD. dissertations and research team ̶ (HDR, i.e. Habilitation à diriger des recherches) at University of Orléans (Vallorem). He also obtained the national qualification for the position of Full Professor in Management Science. He is member of scientific associations such as Etienne Thil, the Gaston Berger Federation and the French Association of Marketing. His research lies in the areas of retail marketing, international marketing and trade, labels, CSR, distribution, image of touch points (e.g. store/tourism destination), digital, pricing, marketing strategies, panels, brand equity, brand management and quantitative techniques applied to marketing, as well as innovations and revenue management, etc.

He has published in journals such as International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, Journal of Marketing Trends, Journal of Business-to-Business Marketing, Journal of Agricultural & Food Industrial Organization, Recherche et Applications en Marketing, Revue Française de Gestion, Revue Management & Avenir, Economies et Sociétés,and La Revue des Sciences de Gestion...

He presented papers in international and national conferences such as European Marketing Academy (EMAC), European Association for Education and Research in Commercial Distribution Conference (EAERCD), International Conference of Marketing Trends, Colloquium on European Research in Retailing (CERR), International Symposium on National Brands and Private Labels, Research on National Brand and Private Label Marketing, Advances in National Brand and Private Label Marketing, Revenue Management & Pricing in Services Conference (REMAPS), The Monaco Symposium on Luxury, International Colloquium on Branding, Labeling and Intelligence (COBLI), French Association of Marketing (AFM), Congrès IAE FRANCE, Méthodes Marketing, etc.

He is the author and editor of books on brands, brand equity-point of sale relationships, labels, and chapters on national-store brands and crisis.

He teaches marketing management (at Bachelor level), international trade, international marketing, qualitative and quantitative data analysis (database marketing and retail data analysis) at Bachelor-Master-Doctorate levels, and international entrepreneurship (at Doctorate level). He created the International Colloquium on Branding, Labeling and Intelligence (COBLI). He is also involved in consulting activities.