Using astrology to make life better and easier 

Joseph Hong lives in Ireland and is an astrologer who specialises in astrological consultations. He uses modern and traditional western astrology, I Ching and his intuition to provide insights into life's many questions, including relationships, work and family. He is currently working towards a diploma in astrological studies from the renowned Faculty of Astrological Studies based in London.

About a consultation

You can choose to have a general reading or specific question(s) of yours can be explored during the session. Clients come to me for a variety of reasons - relationships, work/career, relocation, family, life direction, challenges in life, etc.

The reading is usually done face-to-face in Dublin city centre or Celbridge. Alternatively, it can done over Skype.

Please have your date of birth, time of birth, and city and country of birth ready when you are scheduling an appointment for a reading. I can do quite a lot with your date and city of birth but can do even more if you have your time of birth.

Visit Yelp, Google and Facebook for reviews on some of the readings he has done. For more information, visit his website Joseph Hong.

Contact Joseph for a consultation

Telephone: +353 831821838