Arturo The Plumber - Plumbing Maintenance Services

This first clip is the first version of Arturo The Plumber's commercial which was produced in English, showcasing services he provides. The clip also shows the results of using advanced film-editing and production techniques that save money, time and resources. Digital artists today are able to create use computers to create graphic environments that would be fiscally impractical. Knowledge and experience in digital graphics software helps Joseph Garcia Designs maintain a competitive edge in the advertising market to support your company's goals.

Arturo El Plomero (Spanish Version)

The following (30 second) video clip was produced on 1/29/2010 and broadcast on Spanish television and throughout a grocery store chain's in-store radio rotation in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. ThisĀ  commercial features Spanish translation of the exact same commercial produced in English with the exception of an added voice-processor (using Apple's GarageBand 2008 sound-editing software) effect after the audio track was recorded to lower the depth of a relatively 'trebly' voice. There is a theory suggesting that some audiences may be more influenced by the voice of a voice resembling that of their father's, especially with regards to household duties, and that theory lead to the voice-processing experiment heard in this video. As with the original, English version, the imagery matches the narration.

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