Joseph Garcia is an experienced multimedia artist and branding agent/consultant overflowing with creative talent. Native to Southern California - from Calabasas to Sylmar - in 1995 he moved to Las Vegas, Nevada where he lived a life full of experiences in the avionics, aviation ground logistics, electrical industrial motor repair and rebuilding industries, as well as the financial/credit union/collection industry, producing and playing in a hard rock / heavy metal band before finally earning his Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Design in April 2008 from the Art Institute of Las Vegas - located not in Las Vegas - oddly enough, but next door in Henderson, Nevada. While studying graphic design, Joseph worked part-time as a print and film model - appearing in a role titled 'Sex Appeal - Al Maximo', a short-commercial for 24-Hour Fitness, and '(Showtime's) Penn & Teller's: Bullsh*t!: Immigration (Episode) as a 'minority' musket-wielding minute-man' until 2007 (Video: Reel). In October 2009, Joseph moved to La Pine, (Central) Oregon. Joseph has planned, developed and marketed small business brands for a few select entrepreneurs with whom he maintains close relationships on a regular basis - thanks to their good taste, generosity and kindness.

Designing map illustrations (including the Newberry Country Attractions section), commercial advertisements (for local businesses) and other print graphics for the Newberry Eagle newspaper in La Pine. The Newberry Eagle was a challenging learning opportunity in graphic design, meeting deadlines and reporting news (between February 2011 and early 2012). Joseph met a variety of new people, wrote quality-of-life stories, reported local news, and as previously mentioned - designed ads for local advertisers and illustrated recreational maps for locals and tourists alike, but today his primary concern is living each day as-if it were his last; caring-for and living-with his beautiful fiance who has been fighting breast cancer since June 2007 and the rare, untreatable and uncurable lymphatic-system disorder, Dercum's Disease, since February 2012.

Continuing education at a snail's pace through self-guided studies in Adobe publishing software as well as in web programming; CSS3, HTML5, and video production. Personal interests include playing guitar (6-string, 7-string and 12-string acoustics and electrics), recording original music (eventually sharing it freely at the Internet Archives (, hermit living, advocating [Private Property/ No Trespassing] for everyone in the world who wants it, healthy living, limited physical exercise, and psychological stimulation from shih-tzus; Mr. Furball "Furbee" and Sophie - available for your viewing entertainment at their Shih-tzu Lover's Blog:

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