Teliax Trunk Setup 

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If you have just signed up with Teliax's VoIP service, please follow these directions to set up the trunk, as it requires vital settings to avoid conflicts with certain proxies.

After you signed up and verified with Teliax, login to your account and go to the Dashboard page. Once there, on the left hand navigation panel, go to the Devices tab. You will see your account name and a password. Click on the green edit button, and once redirected to the next page, check the DNIS box. You can leave the Caller ID Name and Number blank, as this will be set in the PBX trunk.

Update your settings and go to the PBX interface, and go to the Trunks page. Add a new SIP trunk and name it Teliax. For the Outbound Caller ID field, input the 10 digit telephone number you want other callers to see. For the dial pattern field, insert:

Replace 212 with your local area code. Under PEER Details, insert:
secret=replace this text with your password
username=replace this text with your username

For the USER Context field, insert: teliax-in
Under USER Details, insert:

Under Registration, insert:

Make sure you add your username and password in the PEER Details and in the Registration field. They can be found in the Devices page in your Teliax account portal. You must also modify the host line with the appropiate Teliax proxy, in the registration feild and in the PEER Details field. You must retreive the proxy information from the Devices page in your Teliax account portal. Make sure you also update the proxy in the Numbers page so that incoming calls will be routed appropiately. The proxy that you set in the Trunks page of your PBX and the proxy that you are using in the Numbers page of your Teliax account portal must both match, or else incoming calls will not work. You must remember to adjust the proxy settings whenever you order or port a DID.

Once you set up your trunk, it is time to set your phone calls to use Teliax to dial out. From your PBX interface, go to Outbound Routes and use your existing outbound route to make phone calls. If you do not have an outbound route, add a new one, and for the Dial Plan, insert:

For Trunk Sequence, select sip/Teliax.

To route your incoming calls, go to General Settings and under Allow Anonymous Inbound SIP Calls, select yes. Then, go to Inbound Routese and for the DID field, insert your 10 digit Teliax phone number. The rest of this page needs to be set according to your preferences.