Working on Search and Recommendation for the next generation recruiting technology and helping to more than eleven million (and growing up) of users to find the perfect job.

I have been working on Web Mining and Query Log analysis, and how to use this information to improve relevance in search engines, especially for Local Search.

Previously, I was working on Semantic Search applying IR approaches to semantic search engines. I was also very interested in Semantic Search Evaluation. On the other hand, I was working on Automatic Indexing and Automatic topic detection combining Semantic Web technologies and Statistical methods as well.

For my Phd in Computer Science, I was working on applications of Genetic Algorithms (GAs) and natural language processing (NLP) for information retrieval (IR) and more specifically for Automatic Query Expansion (QE).

I was serving on the program committee of the Annual International ACM SIGIR Conference 2010 (SIGIR - Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval ), and as reviewer for some scientific Journals like ACM Transactions In Information Systems and Information Processing and Management.

Current projects:

I'm interested in open source developing, and specifically in open source for Information Retrieval (Lucene, Nutch):

If you are interested in these projects we will be happy to collaborate with you.

Phd. José Ramón Pérez Agüera

Director, Product Management at Mercadona Tech