José Montalbán Castilla

I am a Job Market Candidate at the Paris School of Economics and Affiliate Job Market Candidate at the London School of Economics.

I will be at the ASSA 2019 Meeting in Atlanta, EEA-ESEM Meeting in Naples, and the Spanish Economic Association in Madrid.

Since September 2017, I am Visiting Student at the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics.

Research fields: Economics of Education, Labor Economics and Applied Econometrics.

Job Market Paper: You can download my job market paper [here]

This paper has been awarded with the I Nada es Gratis Prize for Job Market Papers in Economics in 2018, and with the María Jesús San Segundo Second Best Paper Award for Young Researchers in 2017.

CV: You can download my CV here (pdf).

I am an applied micro-economist interested in understanding the causal effects of large-scale education policies on the efficiency and equity of educational systems. Among my skills, I can gather large administrative datasets, design and collect survey data, in order to exploit these together with experimental and quasi-experimental econometric techniques to answer policy-relevant research questions which are founded on economic theory.

Throughout my time at the Paris School of Economics, London School of Economics and the Bank of Spain, I have started many research projects on the impact of grants on low-income student performance in higher education, how school choice priorities affect school segregation, the role of the test-taking environment on gender differences in academic performance, and the effect of school timetables on student performance.