The Final Dragonkeeper Series Update:
BOOK 3 - Fire within the Ice

Well, one month down to the year, just like that and now we're into February.  I like the month of February, with Valentine's Day and the other happenings it's a great month down south to get out and enjoy the cooler weather.  Of course, it's been a strange year so far with the cold weather (and rainy too in my parts) but we're making do.  In any case, I was able to knock out chapter 3 and have an excerpt waiting for you in the Novel Teaser section - check it out.  I'm not so sure about chapter 4 as it has been a slow roll for me (my actual paying job has been crazy busy lately.)  So we'll see if I make it another chapter under my belt for next month, or not.  Anyway, enjoy and if you have a question, see below.  


I am more than happy and *willing* to answer any questions or read any comments on the short stories or books I have written.  What I have done is edit my Comments or Questions form found through the Comments or Questions link under the Navigation sidebar.  The form has been updated so you can fill out your name and comment or question only.  No need to type in your email address at all.  (Heck, you can write in "anonymous" as the name if you wish.)  Whatever you do, leave me a question or comments as the form will notify me immediately and I will do my best to answer within a day.  So please, feel free and ask me anything, I only ask that you be nice...  :)

Shameless plug time:  The second book in the series "Feather of a Griffin" is for sale as a hardback and Kindle on Amazon - so look for it there.  Heck, I might as well mention the first book is there as well.. 

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Updated - 6 February 2016

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