The Final Dragonkeeper Series Update:
BOOK 3 - Fire within the Ice

It's frankly been a while since I've posted an update, but things are loosening up for me to start making some good progress on the third installment.  As you can see, I've settled on the title and I'm happy with it.  I'm currently finishing the outline to each chapter, and once done, I will start the fun part of writing.  And as always, as I complete chapters, I'll post excerpts from each for everyone to (hopefully) enjoy.  

As a reminder, I am always more than happy and willing to answer any questions on short stories or books I have written.  To that end, I added a Comments or Questions link under the Navigation sidebar.  You'll find a form to fill out with your name, email address (I promise not to spam or give you email address to anyone or thing) and your comment or question.  It notifies me immediately, and I will do my best to answer within a day.  So please, feel free and ask me anything and maybe I'll give you a good answer.  :)

Shameless plug time:  The second book in the series "Feather of a Griffin" is for sale as a hardback and Kindle on Amazon - so look for it there.  Heck, I might as well mention the first book is there as well.. 

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Updated - 12 August 2015

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