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José Prado, Ph.D. in Electrical Engineer and Computers, Automation and Robotics, University of Coimbra.

José Prado has more than 15 years of experience most devoted to robotics and automation research but also to software and hardware development for electrical distribution fault detection. José holds a PhD on Electrical Engineer and Computers, from University of Coimbra, where he developed a theory and a set of algorithms for human robot interaction (HRI) applied to a semi-humanoid robot,  moreover, Dr. José Prado has experience on critical software and hardware development. José has contributed to several modules for the Carnegie Mellon Robot Navigation Toolkit (Carmen), sponsored by DARPA’s Mars Program; as well as modules to ROS (Robot Operating System), providing open source software drivers mainly for new sensors, actuators and robotic bases. He has experience on digital circuitry development, microcontrollers such as Atmel Atmega128 (CMOS-8bit) and several embedded linux based systems.