Electronic Projects


Coachella Lamp

A decorative lamp I made for display at the 2010 Coachella Music and Arts Festival. It includes a GE AR-1 UV lamp, three OG-4 dekatrons, one OG-3 dekatron, four IN-9 bar graph nixie tubes, and a few ultra bright LEDs.

GeekKlok Version 1

A clock built around the GeekKlok PCB kit and four Burrough's B-7971 alphanumeric nixie tubes.

GeekKlok Version 2

A second clock I built around the KeekKlok PCB kit and four B-7971's. 

BCD Clock

An entirely self designed and built binary clock display clock.  It uses 24 individual blue-phosphor neon lamps as the display and has a variety of animation sequences in addition to its time telling abilities.