A little bit about me

This simple collection of webpages is a place for me to document some of my projects and to hopefully share them with some others interested in these oddball subjects.  My main hobbies are photography, electronics, ceramics, and growing succulent plants.  A bit disparate maybe, but I like to think they all compliment each other and combined make me a pretty well rounded person, well, at least for being a giant nerd! 

Ultimately, I'd like to document all of my projects and present them here.  Of course, it is unlikely I'll ever put in that much effort, but who knows, stranger things have happened!  To support all these hobbies, I work at a small R&D company as a particle accelerator technician.  It is fun  and interesting work, with lots of great toys (3 Tesla magnet, 70,000VDC power supply, and a couple kilowatts worth of RF and uWave amplifiers!).  It also prodives me access to a decent machine shop (Bridgeport mill and 16" Lagun lathe) to make cases for all my clocks!

My succulent collection currently includes more than 300 individual plants.  I'm particularly fond of growing decorative Aloe hybrids and all manner of pachyform and caudiciform plants.  I also admin a popular gardening forum, The Garden Forums, and would love to have you join us there if you are interested!