A cross platform videocard accelerated Cellular Automata explorer

CASCADIA was conceived to run visually interesting cellular automata, like those found here, in full screen HD. It isn't meant to run CAs fast, like Golly, but to display the complex patterns they create. The user interface allows for creatively influencing the state of the CA without much graphical UI elements being displayed. This makes it suited for use as performance art tool in live shows etc.

CASCADIA will eventually support spanning output over multiple monitors and taking screenshots at print sizes.
Large screenshots:


3200x3200 1

3200x3200 2 

CASCADIA is still under development, but an early look is available below.

System Requirements:

  • Hardware:
    • A shader model 4 video card. Any card supporting DirectX 10 or higher should work.
    • A two button mouse with a scrollwheel
    • A regular keyboard
    • A display capable of displaying a resolution of 800x600 pixels minimum.

  • Software:
    • OS: Any OS that supports Java 6 and has up to date video card drivers for OpenGL. I've only tested on Windows XP so far, but OS X and Linux should work provided your video card drivers are up to date and working properly.
    • Java 6