CV & Portfolio

Short CV and portfolio of Jorn van de Beek


Educational History

  • Six years at the Piter Jelles Gymnasium in Leeuwarden, graduated in profile N+G (Nature & Health) with courses in Philosophy, KCV (course on classical cultures) and Ancient Greek
  • Two years of Life Science & Technology at the RUG, attained first year diploma in the first year
  • Three years of Computer Science at the RUG, attained first year diploma in the first year


  • Programming languages (in descending order of experience):
    • Java
    • Python
    • GLSL (OpenGL shading language) 
    • Javascript/Actionscript
    • C
  • Programming environments/platforms:
    • Eclipse
    • Processing
    • FlashDevelop
    • Construct
  • Graphical tools:
    • Paint shop Pro
    • Blender
    • Wings3D
  • Sound tools:
    • Synthedit
    • Audacity


There are a number of things I'd like to learn and do during my studies at IME:  

1: Building custom electronics for installations (Controlling servos and light with microcontrollers, using analogue and/or digital synthesizers) .
2: I/O programming and UI integration of peripherals (WiiMote, Natal (if it becomes available), video cameras, custom electronics etc.)
3: Use of GPS enabled mobile devices (Android and iPhone)
4: Audio and video mastering
5: Looking critically at art of my own and others.

For 1-3 each I'd like to develop a small art installation or application in a small team under guidance of an expert in the field. 4 could be learned through experience or a course on common pitfalls. For 5 I'd like to get a lot of exposure to art and talk about it critically with other students and teachers. 


My main experience is in creating purely virtual computer generated art with self built tools. I would like to learn how to make more physical interactive experiences, optionally using mobile devices to create large interactive environments.