Centros de Investigación

National Institutes of Health  Office of Behavioral and Social Science Research (OBSSR)


Research on Mind-Body Interactions and Health - Grants NIH


National Cancer Institute - Biological Mechanisms of Psychosocial Effects on Disease - Psychoneuroimmunology and cancer


Stress and Health Study - Ohio University 


Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research - Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser


Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research - Dr. Ronald Glaser


Stress and Health Research Program - Ohio University -  Dr. Janice Kiecolt-Glaser and Dr. Ronald Glaser

Raz Yirmiya Department of Psychology

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem


Dr. Istvan Berczi - University of Manitoba - Neuroimmune Biology             Stress and Disease: The contributions of Hans Selye to Neuroimmune Biology


Institute for Behavioral Medicine Research IBMR - Mind/Body Center


Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology - Michael Irwin, Director -University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)


 Role of Neuroendocrine Immune Mechanisms - University    Regensburg 


Behavioral Medicine Research Center - University of Miami 


Elena A. Korneva - Institute of Experimental Medicine RAMS, Lab.of Immunopathophysiology, St Petersburg, Russia


J. Edwin Blalock, Ph.D. - University of Alabama at Birmingham


UCLA Collaborative Centers for Integrative Medicine


UCLA Center for Neurovisceral Sciences and Women's Health

                Mindful Awareness Research Center

                Dr. Hugo Besedovsky

Laboratory for Psychoneuroimmunological Research - Pregnancy, Miscarriage Risk 


Richard Davidson Ph.D. 

Laboratory for Affective Neuroscience - University of Wisconsin - Madison


Josep Le Doux Ph.D. - Center for Neural Science


Shamgar Ben-Eliyahu, Ph. D.  Psiconeuroinmunología en la Universidad de Tel-Aviv 


David Spiegel, M.D. Stanford University . Psychoneuroimmunology and breast cancer 


Nicholas Cohen - University of Rochester Medical Center


Robert Ader, Ph.D. Rochester University-The Rochester Center for Mind-Body Research 


The Pittsburgh Mind-Body Center (PMBC) University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University  


Sheldon Cohen Ph.D. Laboratory for the Study of Stress, Immunity and Disease - Carnegie Mellon University


Esther M. Sternberg, M.D. 


Prof. Dr. Manfred Schedlowski 


Mind Brain Body and Health Initiative - University of Texas Medical Branch 


Angela Clow - Psychoneuroimmunology - University of Westminster UK 


Denis M. Callewaert Ph D. - Oakland University


Candace Pert y Michael Ruff - The Institute of New Medicine - Peptide T in HIV-AIDS


MIND BODY Research Consortium - University of Pennsylvania


 Center for Mind-Body Research - Washington University


Laboratory for Psychoneuroimmunology Research - University of Louisville 


University of Hull UK - Leslie Walker - Research Projects in Psychoneuroimmunology 


Mary Bennett DNSc, RN - Indiana State University -  College of Nursing


Nancy L. McCain, DSN, RN, FAAN, Professor - Virginia Commonwealth University - School of Nursing


 Psychoneuroimmunology and Medical Anthropology - Thomas McDade -Northwestern University


Psychoneuroimmunology - Medical & Health Sciences - University of Auckland NZ


James W. Pennebaker - University of Texas - Writing and Health: Disclosure


Psychoneuroimmunology - Mats Lekander - Karolinska Institutet


Bruce Rabin -  Medical director of the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center Healthy Lifestyle Program  


Herbert Benson, MD - Mind Body Medical Institute - Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School




Harold G. Koening, MD- Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health - Duke University Medical Center



Dra. Marianela Castés - PSICONEUROINMUNOLOGÍA - Creando Salud - Caracas, Venezuela 



Dra. Carmen Navas - PSICONEUROINMUNOLOGIA - Departamento de Salud Mental de la Escuela de Medicina de la Facultad de Ciencias de la Salud - Universidad de Carabobo - Venezuela



Dra. Andrea López Mato - PSICONEUROINMUNOENDOCRINOLOGÍA - Instituto de Psiquiatría Biológica Integral (IPBI) - Buenos Aires, Argentina