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00 Farm Homested Photos

In June of 1871 Johannes broke ground on the current homestead location. Johannes moves with Kari from Rockdell Township in Olmsted county near Rochester, MN by covered wagon and oxen. Their first home was a sod house built on the current homestead.

In September of 1872 Johannes established residence on the Jorgenson Farm

In 1875 Johannes Jorgenson pays the 1874 farm taxes.

The Jorgenson Family Homestead was officially registered on November 5th, 1880 from the United States of America and sold to Johannes Jorgenson and his wife Kari Jorgenson.

Receivers Receipt
Dated November 5th, 1880 Filed November 13, 1880 at 4:12 p.m. Recorded in Book "A" of Miscl. Page 214 Consideration $200.00  Farm 160 Acres Signed by H. W. Stone Receiver, Receivers Office Benson, Minnesota.

Homestead Patent
The United States of America
Johannes Jorgenson
Dated June 10, 1882
Filed June 1, 1883 at 7:30 a.m.
Recorded in Book "D" of  Deeds page 431
By the president: Chester A. Arthur and by Wm. H. Crook, Secretary
and the S. W. Clark, Recorder of the General Land Offices.

The East half of the Southwest quarter (E1/2 SW 1/4) and the West half of the Southeast quarter (W1/2 SE 1/4) of section Twenty Nine (29), in Township One Hundred and Seventeen (117) North of Range Forty One (41) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian in Minnesota.
Containing 160 Acres, according to the provisions of the Act of Congress of the 24th of April 1820, entitled "An Act  making further provisions for the sale of the Public Lands," and the acts supplemental thereto.

00 Farm Homested Photos