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New Hearing Aids Invented

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Reporters caught up with veteran Don Jorgenson today outside of the VA Hospital where Don was hoping to be equipped with the latest in $4,000 per ear hearing aids paid for by the VA.

With the republicans in control of congress severe cutbacks were made but Don still was able to acquire some assistance with his hearing loss problems. The low budget models that have been custom made for Don should drastically improve his ability to communicate more effectively.

As with all disabilities Don will have to adapt to his new hearing aids as they will impact the daily activities as he works in his remodeling business.

As you can see this state of the art device is equipped with latest in sound wave capture technology. This unit supports the "white wire" reception system and is outfitted with the new up-link horn that is supposed to allow Don to transmit his brain waves to a remote location. This location is part of the VA system and was not available to our reporter.

A closer look at this marvelous device you can see the white cable protruding from the wall outlet. This is connected to Don's  right lobe which might be more involved in non-verbal aspects of communication. For example, the right lobe is implicated in recognition of positive and negative emotions in facial expressions. AS you can see minutes after the installation of the new device Don's facial expression has changed which is proof that the brain he has still works, wow.

A closer look at this marvelous device you can see the two 12 inch dish reflectors just scoop in the sound waves directly into Don's brain for processing and what ever else happens in there. The two yellow fiber optic lines feed the enhanced signal through the low loss cables into each ear directly which reduces the loss of sound.  This is the first totally surround sound hearing aid system of its kind in the world.  WOW what a deal for Donny!!

Well there you have it folks, the news and only the news ........... Warren and Jan Lee