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2012-06-26 Farm Update

Clan Press Release

Jorgenson Family Farm Update:  

The children of Robert and Ruth Jorgenson wish to provide you with an update.

Montevideo, MN, June 25th, 2012: Last December we made public our plans for the farm and we would decide in the future about selling the tillable land. We are selling the tillable land on July 26th via an auction. 

The decision we have made did not come easy. Most of you when visiting the farm probably did not spend too much time looking over the tillable acreage but most of your time is spent on the homestead itself. The tillable farm land will continue to be used in crop production as it always has been. 

As we have been preparing for the auction and inventorying the household items we have once again spent time looking at old photos and documents. Our plan is to scan the photos and then give the photos to the family groups. If it is apparent that the focus of the photo relates to the farm it will be retain in the archives at the farm for review and all others will be sent to your family leaders.

The farm documents and other letters and communications will be retained for review and a historic record of the past. It is hoped that we can unite the efforts of others who are actively working to provide Clan history so the generations to come will be able to have a though understanding and knowledge of the history of the Jorgenson Clan.

The current intent is to retain the building site for generations to come as the Home Place where our Jorgenson Clan ancestors started in 1871.  We hope to make the building site a place where we can all enjoy and spend time gathering and laughing as in the past. 

The auction information is available at this link.


Grandpa Jorgenson,
Jun 25, 2012, 8:20 AM