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2011-12-06 Ruth & Farm Update

Clan Press Release

Ruth E Jorgenson Estate: Jorgenson Family Farm Update:  Mom moves to El Paso

The children of Ruth E Jorgenson wish to provide you with an update.

Montevideo, MN, December 6, 2011: Many of you may have been wondering “What’s going to happen to the farm?” and heard rumors that the farm will be sold.  That decision will not be made for some time and with great care.  The immediate plans for the farm are to remain as is with a few security modifications.  The farm land will continue to be used in crop production as it always has been.  The current intent is to retain the building site for generations to come as the Home Place where our Jorgenson Clan ancestors started.  Through the efforts of Warren, Eric, Mary, and a few others, we hope to make the building site a place where we can all enjoy and spend time gathering and laughing as in the past.  Enid has relocated away from the farm.


Clarkfield, MN, December 06, 2011: Through the efforts of Mary and Tanya, Mom has been relocated to El Paso, Texas.  Mom and her two “body guards” flew via commercial airlines to her new home, a residence designed for four clients and two caretakers.  Mary and Al researched a few locations in El Paso and found a great place for Mom which delivers the same high quality care that Mom received in Clarkfield.  Staff will provide Mom with better one-on-one services then she received in Clarkfield. 

If you wish to send cards or flowers you may use this address:

 Ruth E Jorgenson

c/o Mary Ellen Mendez

5648 Spiritus Place

El Paso, TX  79932