County Cup 2006

We've done it again! 



13th Rathfarnham 


RathfarnhamCountyCupwinners 2005  

 Yes! We've done it again! For the 3rd year in a row the mighty scouts from Rathfarnham have won the ThreeRock County County Cup.

The team consisiting of John Cunniffe, Alan Swaine, Eion Dunne, Ailbhe Dunne, Mhuirrean Fanning, Ciara Rowan (PL), Ciara Malone (APL) and Michaela Perry defended their title and won it again. Some of these scouts were in all 3 wining teams!

This year the 13th sent 2 teams to the County Cup and for a long time it looked as if we would get place number 1 and 2. Both teams did excellent and both teams had a good chance of winning the cup.  Rathfarnham's 2nd team got 3rd place but they looked so convincing that I have no doubts whatsoever that they will win next year when the winning team will be in Senior Scouts.

 The other team consisting of Chris Bond (PL), Declan Palmer (APL), Michael Wall, Tim Hogan, Alan Finnegan, Julie Farrell, Alanagh Haycock and Eimear Kelly became 3rd but there was only a very small margin between the number 2 and 3. It was the cooking competition that finally gave the Ballaly scouts the edge, but these guys are the big favorites for 2007!

 The winning team of 2005 with their leaders: Alan, Jørgen, Mhuireann,Sean, Ailbhe, Michaela, Andrew, John, Eoin, Chris, Ciara, Ciara Kirsty, Allison 

Three Rock County Cup, Dublin Metropolitan Province   

The Three Rock County Cup was held in Larch Hill from April 28th - 30th.    

Congratulations to each and every scout who took part. Eleven patrols from seven groups competed in the best possible spirit from start till finish and thankfully the weather gave us a hand as well. For a hugely impressive 3rd year in a row Rathfarnham were the eventual winners with Balally just beating another Rathfarnham patrol to second place. Thanks are due to every staff member who came and gave their time to make this camp a success. Particular thanks to Dave Kessie and Jennifer Ryan who came from outside the county to help with our marking.

1st Rathfarnham (13th Dublin)
2nd Balally (137th Dublin)
3rd Rathfarnham (13th Dublin)
4th Kilmacud (71st 62nd 90th Dublin)
5th Mount Merrion (86th Dublin)
6th Balinteer (115th Dublin)
7th Kilmacud (71st 62nd 90th Dublin)
8th Dundrum (20th Dublin)
9th Dundrum (20th Dublin)
10th Dundrum (20th Dublin)
11th Mount Merrion (86th Dublin)Best of Luck to Rathfarnham and Balally who will be representing us at this years Phoenix.


Annual 2005