Annual Camp 2006


This year’s annual camp was held in Dundrum in Co. Tipperary.  Attendance for the camp was 34 scouts, there were also plenty of leaders over the course of the camp this year, they included - Laura Duggan, Tony Deally, Joseph McGowarn, Kirsty Maher, Jorgen Hartogs, Alison Hogan, Andrea Gallagher, Mick Lee, Andrew & Jennifer Rogers, Rob Rogers, Aoife Bollard, Paul Tuile and Sean Bollard. 

The weather this year was outstanding; it rained once on the second last day apart from that it was scorching.  Our hike was cut short due to heat and Andrew and I ferried all the scouts back to site.  

On camp we decided to do a 'Big Brother' theme, we managed to get our hands on a video camera and got the patrols to do tasks each day, the patrol who, came last in each task had to bivvy that night.  Hawk patrol had to bivvy 5 times! We also had a 'camp cam' on site but sadly only 3 or 4 entries were put on it.  Also this year we got printed T-shirts with everyone’s name on it to wear on the daytrip. 

Campfires were fantastic this year with everyone contributing 100%.  On the last night's campfire we handed out the awards. 

Rawley of the year - Conor O'Carroll

Most Improved Scout - Eric Barber

Scout of the Year - Ciara Rowan (2nd yr running) 

Patrol of the year - Woodpecker Patrol - David Martin PL, Alan Swaine APL, and Neil O'Connor & Conor O'Carroll

This year’s camp will be remembered for all of the camp couples - here is a list that I know about - sorry if I missed you or perhaps made one or two up.

Gavin O'Toole & Orla Gavin

Gavin O'Toole & Fiona Gavin

Gavin O'Toole & Katie Duggan

Gavin O'Toole & Hannah Maher

Gavin O'Toole & Tierna Brazil

Ailis O'Carroll & Eric Barber

Conor O'Carroll and Hannah Maher - aww.

 Eimear Kelly & Tim Hogan

Tim Hogan & Alanagh Haycock 

David Martin & Ciara Malone - David gave a heart shaped crisp as a show of his love. 

Ciara Rowan & Alan Finegan - aww.... they’re so cute

Eoin Dunne & Muireann Fanning

Now if any parents are reading this you might be thinking (especially if your Gavin O'Tooles parents) were they doing anything else on camp? Evidently not!!!

 Annual Camp 2007 will be to Nova Scotia in Canada, Eh.

Don’t forget to bring your Took or you’ll be a Hoser.


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Annual Camp 2006